On the occasion of the Biennale Architettura 2023, Gianmaria Potenza’s Studio opens up to the public. After the pandemic years, it will finally be possible to visit the Atelier with the artist himself and his staff. It is a unique experience to come into close contact with the artworks and to discover Gianmaria Potenza’s work and research space.


The public will have the opportunity to visit both the interior spaces and the sculpture garden, inhabited by its’ curious bronze characters and colourful items, and to physically touch the bronze, marble and wood artworks, together with the handmade papers, polycombs, mosaics, tapestries and glass engravings.


As soon as you set foot in the door, you are catapulted into a colourful, playful and original world, which combines antique to modern, typically Venetian, full of surprises, and suitable even for children! It is a world that certainly stimulates your imagination!


The heart of the studio is the workshop, the place where the master experiments and works with ancient techniques, such as the use of the gold leaf, alongside other innovative techniques and methods that are rare to see. A reality that takes us back in time, to the 16th-century art workshops and perfectly reflects the Venetian artistic spirit.


From the outside nobody would ever expect such a labyrinthine inner space to unfold in this hidden corner of Venice. The ever-blooming garden, thanks to its collection of glass flowers, and the number of rooms and spaces dedicated to the different functions of the creative process are striking.


Last but not least, there will be the chance to see the few surviving parts and the initial model of the famous ‘Ninfea Armonica’ by Gianmaria Potenza, exhibited at the 42nd Venice Art Biennale in 1986, which at the time stood in front of Giardini, Venice and was considered a ‘complete artwork’, due to its multiple techniques and functions. The artist or his staff will be keen to tell you about it.


A worthy experience for all art lovers and enthusiasts, from 16 May to 16 June by appointment only.


Information and reservations:


+39 041 5287266

+39 328 8056944