Gianmaria Potenza’s solo show at Fondazione Majid

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La Forma Narrante

From 6th August to 15th October 2022

Fondazione Majid, Ascona (Switzerland)


From 6th August to 15th October 2022 Gianmaria Potenza’s works will be exhibited in a solo show “La Forma Narrante” at the Majid Foundation in Ascona (Switzerland). The exhibition deals with Potenza’s main themes, languages and techniques from the nineties to today. Although it is not an anthology, the approximately one hundred works on display are a good representation of the rich experimentation and vivid imagination of Potenza’s art, as well as its historical and cultural roots.

The large blue “Poly-combustions” open the exhibition. These works are created by assembling several polystyrene boards which are then pyrographed, coloured with acrylics and embellished with gold leaf. The “Poly-combustions” evoke Venice, the reflection of sunset on its canals and buildings. The second room of the exhibition is dedicated to light, featuring large white hand-made paper, embellished with gold. Interspersed with the “Resinography”, are owls and other animals in black and white marble. Finally, at the centre of the room, the polished bronze of the “Piroga” recalls the gold and bronze details of the works exhibited around it.

The exhibition continues on the first floor, dedicated to Colour. Here, small and medium Resinography and poly-combustion pieces interact with bronzes inspired by nature and animals. The exhibition ends on floor -1 with engraved glass and mosaics, where “Sculture Trasparenti”, “Sculture Luminose”, “Pagine su Archimede Seguso” and “Elaboratori” complete the journey into the fantastic world of Gianmaria Potenza. “La Materia Narrante” continues with nineteen further works in the Raiffeisen Losone Pedemonte Vallemaggia bank in Ascona, and with the bronze “Golf Clubs” at Gerre Losone golf club and Ascona golf club. The works exhibited at Raiffeisen and in the two golf clubs will remain on display until May 2023.