Fundraising Campaign


The Dono Ad Arte project has now ended and we couldn’t be more proud of the result!

We designed Dono Ad Arte to promote the fundraising campaign in support of the Health System of the Veneto Region through the art of the Maestro, to face the difficulties caused by Covid-19.  The project brings important results home, with six works sold, which allowed us to cover VAT and shipping costs and go well beyond the amount that we had set at the beginning of this project.






All the proceeds (net of VAT and transport) have been donated to the Veneto Region “Sostegno Emergenza Coronavirus” (Coronavirus Emergency Support) fund.

“…Not a huge contribution but one to the best of our ability. I am happy that the project has this response because it shows that art can make the difference, sensitising people, making them feel part of a shared experience. Art speaks and reaches everyone. At a time like this, it is right that artists commit themselves and act as an element of social cohesion to give voice and in a certain sense to exorcise anxieties, fears and frustrations, but also love for life, compassion, optimism. This too is beauty. ” Gianmaria Potenza