Altare - Pietra gialla di Trani - 120x80x90 cm - 2015 - Chiesa Maria Immacolata, Pedara (CT)

Potenza New Sacred Art in Sicily

On Saturday, July 8, Gianmaria Potenza’s works will be protagonists during the Parish Church Maria Immacolata dedication ceremony in Pedara (Catania).

The sacred furnishings were commissioned in 2010 and, years later of work and expectations, they will be finally presented to the parishioners and the most passionate public of sacred art. The majestic door in Trani stone, carved with the unmistakable Potenza sign language, will welcome the parishioners. Inside the Church, the sacred furnishings designed by the artist (altar, pulpit, tabernacle and baptismal font) will stand out. The Easter candleholder as well, finished just in time for the dedication, will be presented to the ceremony. The candle holder will also be an element of contrast to the sacred furnishings; these are all made of carved Trani stone. In this case, the Venetian artist chose the simplicity of wood, the material he prefers in absolute and that is so dear to sacred art. The works for the Immacolata Church in Pedara confirm the long-lasting bond of Gianmaria Potenza with sacred art, which has always been part of the great commissions that have made his art famous.


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