Astromondo (open) - Steel ø 1339 in x h 669 in - 2016 (not realised)

“Venice to the World” competition: 3 sculptures for the Marco Polo Airport

The Master Potenza has designed three new works of art to participate in the new competition “Venice to the World” organized on the platform, in collaboration with the engineers of F & M Mirano, who was in charge of all structural calculations, renderings and cost estimates.

The sculpture is a reworking of various archetypes belonging to multiple cultures about the journey and the cosmos. Its name, Astromondo, is a combination of the structure of an astrolabe, a tool ancestor of the compass, with a large sphere representing the world.

In the sphere, as for reflection, are placed the sun, the moon, the Milky Way, the stars and the stylized pyramids linked to the Egyptian culture.

A game of circles, squares and triangles, both hollowed and in relief, located on the surface of the bands that form the astrolabe, recall the mysterious symbols of Mayan and Sumerian culture.

The arch, whose grooves are different routes, frames the inner circles and may have a double interpretation: if on the one hand, it is a Venetian bridge that welcomes visitors and tourists from around the world, on the other hand, it represents the traveller bridge, since it dominates the mysteries and curiosities raised by the trip itself.

The structure presents the placement of LED lights that – directed inside the arch, – illuminate the inner circles.

The red and green combination is useful to create a Landmark: a tangible recognition and that’s why we wanted to give the sculptures monumental dimensions.

In the first roundabout, an open astrolabe accompanies the traveller to the second one, in which the instrument – consisting of five orbiting rings – closes itself to make room for the wonders and mysteries of the world/cosmos represented in the sphere of the third roundabout. The opposite happens for those who, just arrived, see the wonders of the world in the first roundabout, and then gradually re-open the instrument looking for new trips and new destinations.

In the design, the works of Astromondo are related to the construction of a satellite track.

In this way, the work dedicated to the explorers is enhanced by a planar view in a calendar that will track every day, in the journey of the passenger, the time, the moment and the jiff.

The sphere becomes a crater, a relic to preserve, to cherish, but also a map of the infinite construction of the world, in which with Potenza’s linguistic-abstract elements on the skin of the structures – abscissas, ordinates, parallels, wind roses, six-pointed star, star charts – one has a chance to merge himself, even for a single moment, with this Astromondo: star gate of the emotions and the senses.