"Totem" - Red painted steal - h 393, 314, 196 in -  Fondazione OIC, Padua 2015

Gianmaria Potenza’s Totem at Fondazione OIC in Padua

On the 1st of October at the “Opera Immaculate Conception” Senior Centre in Padua were installed three sculptures of the master Gianmaria Potenza: The “Totem”. These three sculptures represent an archetype, an image that has something tribal and ancestral, a point of convergence of timeless energies. They are there, close to each other like a family, quiet and majestic in the purity of their unearthly red colour and their shapes. Geometric shapes such as the circle, a symbol of heaven, and the square, a symbol of earth, reinforce this idea of ​​universal harmony. These figures, carved or embossed, alternate and chase each other along the longitudinal course of the sculptures, highlighting the upward motion. The “Totems”, then, are sculptures full of spirituality, so the colour red emphasizes their force, turning it into an aesthetic input for those who live in the centre every day. The red comes openly in contrast with the green of nature, giving the sculpture a privileged spot within the park. The “Totems”, therefore,  combine wisely and effectively the eternity of the concept of family and the verticality without boundaries of generative forces.