20th NOVEMBER 2019

at 10.30 am



The long restoration of the wooden work “10 Guerrieri” by Gianmaria Potenza ended up in June 2019.

On Wednesday 20th November at 10.30 am the restored work will be presented to the public during a welcome-back ceremony in the presence of the artist and the protagonists of the curious history of the Warriors’ restoration.


The “10 Guerrieri” (10 Warriors) were made in 1961/62 on commission by Ing. Weltzel – builder of the condominium Duomo I – and they are now part of the city’s cultural identity. The same condominium, on the initiative of the architect Michele Gambato and Alfredo Gambato – administrator of the condominium – wanted and supported the restoration work, carried out by the artist Gianmaria Potenza and his Studio.


The finest details of the gold and pyrographed engravings, that the exposure to a semi-open space all these years had inevitably affected have once again found their original splendour. The technical execution, the craftsmanship and the imagination and originality of the representation of the subject make this work unique.


The silhouettes of the warriors are modulated according to a game of round and rectangular shields, together with elongated busts that synthesize partly the silhouettes, omitting the arms. The whole work is a meticulous work of engraving and lucid creativity. Each element is different from the other. There is no repetition but continuity of language and style, with medieval echoes and unquestionable Byzantine influences already adopted by the Venetian culture, such as the use of gold leaf to create details of shields, necklaces and helmets. Despite the “warlike” subject, the Warriors do not arouse any sense of intimidation, nor carry arms. Their faces seem serene, certainly not threatening. They guard the place but at the same time invite passers-by to linger.


Works began in the autumn of 2018, after a nice history involving the children of the Arcobaleno Primary School in Padua. Walking through the streets of the city centre, the children discovered the work by accident. Intrigued by these characters, the little students gave life to a real investigation activity, which brought them to Venice, where they interviewed the artist, thus discovering the story of the “Ten Warriors”. The result of this research was presented to the public on April 21st 2018 by an army of small journalists armed with shields, drums and megaphones during the “Vedere Non Basta” event.