Gianmaria Potenza’s “Ten Warriors” (1961/62) return to watch over the Galleria Duomo in Padua in their original magnificence. Thanks to the long work of restoration by Gianmaria Potenza, it is now possible to enjoy the finest details of pyrographed engravings of this wooden work dating back to the Sixties. The restoration work began after the children from the Arcobaleno Primary School in Padua discovered the work by walking through the streets of the city center. Intrigued by the sculpture, the little students gave life to a real investigation activity, which brought them to Venice, where they interviewed the artist, discovering the story of the “Ten Warriors” and many other curiosities. The result of this research was presented to the public on 21 April 2018 by an army of small journalists armed with shields, drums and megaphones during the “Vedere Non Basta” (Seeing Is Not Enough) event.

The restoration was possible thanks to the initiative of Mr. Michele Gambato and Mr. Alfredo Gambato, administrator of the condominium Duomo I and to the will of the entire condominium. The return of the Warriors will be celebrated in September during an inauguration ceremony in the presence of the artist and the children of the Scuola Arcobaleno.